Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Legal Cat Baths

During lunch today I was reading the paper and was on the article about Vermont's marriage equality victory. There was a picture of 3 women with at least one crying.

Dave: What are you reading about?

Me: Vermont legalized gay marriage yesterday.

Dave: Why is that woman crying?

Me: Um, why do you think she's crying?

Dave: Because she's so happy she can now legally lick pussy.

Me: I'm pretty sure she already could lick pussy legally.

Dave: No, you just said it yourself they couldn't do it until yesterday.

Me: They don't have to be married to lick pussy.

Dave: Wasn't Massachusetts one of the first states to do that?

Me: Mass was the first state to permit gay marriages. Vermont was the first state to issue civil unions.

Dave: What's the difference? Couldn't they lick pussy under both?

Me: Well, aside from the name - you know, separate but equal - there are roughly 1,537 (don't know the number off hand so just roughed it) federal rights that are not recognized. Just think, say she owns her own home and lives with her parter. Say she dies and wants her partner to inherit her house. Because the government won't recognize their relationship her family could step in to claim the house and...

Dave: Good! They should take the house.

Me: Y'know, some people really shouldn't have children.

Worker #3: Ha ha ha.

Dave: Why?

Me: Because of what they'll teach them.

Dave: I don't believe in gay marriage.

Me: Of course you don't.

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