Wednesday, April 1, 2009

El Producto

Dave has a weird relationship with his girlfriend. He talks often about how she doesn't love him and how he's going to buy a house and move out with his daughter. He kinda, really loves her, but not really.

Dave: I guess me asking her to marry me every day for the last year isn't working?

Worker #3: Did you buy her a diamond ring yet?

Dave: No.

Worker#3: That's what you need to do.

Dave: I gave her a cigar wrapper once. Ha, ha, ha.

Worker #3: Oh my!

Me: That's going on the blog.

Worker #3: Ha, ha.


  1. Why do I suddenly suspect this girlfriend is fictional? She sleeps through her pants and panties being taken off and her pussy getting licked, and doesn't kick him in the balls for being given a cigar wrapper?

    Maybe Dave is the Southie Keyser Soze, and saw a cigar wrapper earlier that day..

  2. Dave tells lots of tall tales but his gf isn't one of them.

    I'm sure many stories involving his gf may be false but she does exist.

  3. subsomy - the google CAPCHA word to authenticate, I thought that was amusing