Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hopes And Dreams

Last night an escort in Boston (who advertised on CL) was killed in her hotel room. The police noted that the attack and video of the suspect appeared to match another attack on an escort (who also advertised on CL) a short time ago.

Dave: So what, there's a serial killer knocking off hookers?

Me: Huh? There's more than one body?

Dave: Yeah, that's what they just said.

Me: I wasn't paying attention. It's been a while since we had our own serial killer around here. Awesome.

Dave: That guy's living the dream. I'd love to be a serial killer of hookers instead of doing this shit.

Me: What!? HA HA HA HA!

Worker #3: Oh my god! HA HA HA!

Dave: I know, I'm horrible.... but it would be fun though.

Me: You're not getting any younger Dave.

Dave: I know.

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