Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Dave is a nice guy."

I worked with Dave and Worker #3 today and at some point when Worker #3 and I were alone we were talking about the blog and laughing, and he asked me.....

Worker #3: Do you give Dave credit on your blog or do you just criticize him.

Me: Well.... not really. I did give him credit twice; "Bonus Dave being smart," and "Bonus Dave teaches me how to use a plumb bob."

Worker #3: Ok.

Me: I've also stated that he's a great surveyor. But that really wouldn't make my blog popular.

Worker #3: Ha, that's funny. You can't get too popular or Dave will kill you.

Me: Yeah. It's just so weird - he says and does so many horrible things but then does touching and honorable things.

Worker #3: Yeah. Dave is a good guy.


Dave is a good guy. He has said many things to me that make me think otherwise but he also does many good things for me and others. It could be just his version of karma but I'll appreciate him for what he did today.

He's going to give me his car (it was his idea and he was pretty insistent on it) tomorrow so that I can go be with my wife as we say good bye to her mother.

I have some good regular updates from the last 2 days but I'll leave today at this.


  1. That's awful cool of him to do that, cheers to Dave. Our source of amusement, and a genuine source of happiness for others. A Singularity of Yin and Yang. A hilarity of redneck and class.

  2. Good on Dave. He sounds like a nice guy, but just does/says some shit that's out there. He reminds me a bit of my dad. My dad can say the most sexist shit one minute, then turn around and take in and feed all the neighborhood strays the next. It's funny how that works sometimes.