Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blowing With The Winds Of Change

We have one female land surveyor and that's actually rare for the industry. She's from eastern Europe and a great surveyor - a terrible coworker but a great surveyor. She's ready to be a PLS and I'm not and I give her her due.

She's mainly an office worker but goes out in the field when needed. When she has to go out in the field she changes into field clothes and Dave can't help but be a pig and talk about it nonstop for days later.

Following is at least the third time he referenced the female coworker during a day she had to go out in the field. This stream of consciousness is similar to the others but even more offensive and it occured yesterday (4/22/09).

Dave: The other day she came out of the ladies' room in a tank and her tits were just like there. Her high beams were on. I just stared at her funbags and she was making that motion with her head that, "Hey, look at my eyes when I talk to you," ha ha ha. I always picture her as a dirty foreign girl; doesn't shave and has a big fucking bush like *pantamimes testicles the size of honeydew melons* BAM!!! ha ha ha. She doesn't shave. Doesn't shower. Doesn't use deoderant. I'd still fuck her, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Me: She does fucking stink, I'll give you that.

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