Monday, March 30, 2009

Copring a feel

Dave called in sick today so I have no current update. I worked with Worker #3 today and we had a great conversation about Dave and my blog and he told me a great story about him. I typed it out but realized after reading it that it's probably not best to post that story.

As such, here's a story he told myself and Worker #3 and we both laughed at and discussed today how untrue it most likely is:

Dave: One time when I was at Foxwoods this guy approached me and told me, "My wife wants to by your shit for $500." Can you believe that!?

Me: That didn't happen.

Dave: Why? Why would I make that up?

Me: I don't know. Why would you?

Dave: Why would I make up something like that?

Me: Ok, assuming this actually happened, the guy wanted to buy your poo not his wife.

Dave: Whatever, it happened.

Me: Ok Dave.

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  1. Worker #3 hasn't changed a bit, has she? same old rumour-monger with the hots for dave.......