Monday, March 16, 2009

Random musings from Dave on 3/16/09

After a loud talking white woman and black man wearing a do-rag passed us by -

Dave: The salt and pepper crew. She's alright. I'd do her. She sounds like a mouth though...... Hey! He's wearing a pirate hat, ha ha ha ha. He's a pirate.

Relaying his Saturday night aboard a party bus to Providence and the flesh bar they ended the night at.

Dave: At about 2 when the strip club was closing the Bro's showed up. The brothers. Puerto Ricans and the blacks. They were obviously the girls pimps. One guy took two girls into a Ferrarri or something.


Dave: There was a black stripper who was cute for a black girl. You woulda liked her.


Dave: I can't do coke anymore so I only did a line and about 7 bullets.

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