Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Urine Follow-Up

I'm working on my homework right now in hopes of finishing it as soon as possible so I can watch Obama and update the blog with today's gems. In case that doesn't happen, here's a quickie:

When I went to pick up Dave at Dave's parking spot near the highway (along with a 3rd worker) we had this conversation when they opened the doors to get in:

Dave: What the fuck Sniffa, it smells like cat pee in here. I told you to stop letting the cats pee on you but I know you like that.

Me: Actually, it's because you were pissing on the fucking door yesterday asshole.

Dave: Oh yeah, ha ha ha ha. I forgot about that.

Me: Yeah, real fucking funny dick. You get to sit next to it.

Dave: It wasn't my fault though. I got the shivers and some got on the door.

Me: No you didn't. I saw you piss on the fucking door. You weren't even trying for the ground.

Dave: Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha.

Me: Fuck you.

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