Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hail To The Bus Driver, The Bus Driver Man

Today we were traveling down a two way street behind a short school bus that was driving incredibly slow and lurching out into the other lane and then toward the curb, and back and forth with several stops.

Me: What the fuck is he doing?

Dave: He hasn't had his 8 shots of blackberry brandy yet. He's got the shakes. I fucking hate bus drivers! But school bus drivers are the worst. The only reason they have their shit job is because they haven't gotten a DUI yet but it's just a matter of time.

Bonus racism today.

Dave: Smile so I can see ya. That is one dark colored nigger.

Bonus Dave being smart. He went on at length about AIG and corrected me on a point about the bonuses. I was stunned. He also forced me to learn how to use a plumb bob correctly which I figured out after failing miserably and him showing me the proper technique.


  1. He's wrong. The lowest of the bus drivers are Logan Airport parking lot bus drivers. I smelled the liquor on one so much I took it upon myself to guide him to my next stop, and start and stop, and start and stop, and start and stop, and turn right, more right, stop, wait for that car to pass, okay go, start, go left. Okay stop. Grab my bags and leave. "Get some coffee!"

  2. Your experience probably explains why the Silver Line was built.

    Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of the Silver Line. It makes the shuttle system look like a 3rd world country.