Friday, May 29, 2009

White Meat, Dark Meat, You Just Can't Lose

We were working in one of the large minority areas of Boston yesterday.

Me: Y'know, I grew up in a very diverse community and when we were young we all hung out together. As we grew up we started to segregate by race.

Dave: Why is that? That always happens. I think it's just a learned environment thing.

Me: I think so too. All of the older kids went through the same thing.

Dave: That's so weird that that happens.

Me: It also comes from your parents..

Dave: No! It doesn't come from your parents. It comes from something else. My parents weren't racists.

Me: You didn't exactly grow up in a place that was diverse....

Dave: The last time I was here - you weren't working with me yet - I saw this black chick who was smoking!

Me: Oh yeah?

Dave: Yeah, she was wearing tight, tight jeans and her ass was so fucking hot - and I love asses!

Me: So you've told me.

Dave: Yeah, so I say, "Ooh, hot chocolate." and she heard me!

Me: No way!

Dave: And she says, "Thank you," and smiles at me.

Me: Of course - why wouldn't she?

Dave: Mmm, mm dark meat. I've never had dark meat before but if I was going to she'd be one of them.

Me: I kind of figured that.

Dave: Imagine that, bringing a black person home to meet your parents. "Hi mom, here's this black broad - I'm gonna marry her." Oh my god, it would break my mother's heart.

Me: Really?

Dave: Yeah. That's what my daughter does to me. All she dates is blacks and Puerto Ricans. Why can't she just fucking date white people!?

Me: I didn't know you had many blacks or Puerto Ricans where you live.

Dave: Oh yeah we do. 

Me: What's the population of your town again?

Dave: Uh, about 8000. 


  1. Well, who doesn't like asses? What's not to like?
    Anwho... my husband has a joke he tells to our new friends, because the obvious elephant in the room is, he's black- I'm not.
    So he says, "When we first started dating, she would never would wear her glasses. And I tell her, doesn't your doctor say you should wear your glasses? You're right, she says and puts them on.
    Oh, my God- you're black!"

  2. Not that I agree with any of it, but that's a nice contradiction he made. Racism doesn't come from your parents, but imagine taking home a black girl to meet them.


  3. "that's a nice contradiction he made. Racism doesn't come from your parents, but imagine taking home a black girl to meet them."

    I know. It was so dumbfounding, as well as hilarious as it came about 3 minutes between each other. There was lots of "Ha's!" I left out.