Thursday, May 14, 2009

Davey And Goliath

Me: So we watched this French horror movie last night. It was about French, Neo-Nazi cannibals.

Dave: How was it?

Me: Oh it was great. It was so fucking gory and I love that shit. In one scene the elderly, Neo-Nazi cannibal takes a pair of loppers and cuts some guy's tendon's behind his ankle.

Dave: Ewww!

Me: Yeah I almost puked in my mouth. 

Dave: That's the achilles right?

Me: Yeah.

Dave: They say if you cut them you'll never be able to walk again for life.

Me: Or run.

Dave: It's like that story, Davey And Goliath. Davey took down Goliath - a giant - by hitting him in the ankle with a slingshot. 
Me: Oh right. 

Dave: I don't know, I think that's a fallacy. Hitting someone in the ankle? 

Me: You're probably right.

Dave: I think it would be a good idea for Myth Busters.

Me: You should suggest it to them.

Dave: Nah, I don't fucking care that much.... Hey, do you know how Dunkin' Donuts sponsors Dustin Pedroia

Me: No, I had no idea. 

Dave: Yeah, they've been sponsoring him for two years.

Me: Oh okay, I had no idea.

Dave: Yeah, so they have this new commercial, right. Pedroia's out in a field and he's sipping a coffee and tossing a ball up in the air over and over - minding his own business. 

Me: Right.

Dave: And this big giant comes out to the field and because he's drinking a Dunkin's with a turbo shot he's able to hit a baseball into the gian't head and knock him out.

Me: Oh! Okay I know which commercial you're talking about now.

Dave: Yeah. But why did he hit him in the head? He's supposed to hit the giant in the ankle. 

Me: I think it's definitely time to go to Myth Busters. 


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