Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hold The Guac

Me: We're having Mexican for dinner tonight.

Dave: I love Mexican food.

Me: Yeah, I've been craving it after seeing your taco salad over and over for lunch.

Dave: Oh I love taco salad. Yesterday was good but while I was eating it I realized something wasn't right; I forgot to put the sour cream in there.

Me: That sucks. My wife makes a really good homemade guacamole -

Dave: Huh?

Me: Guacamole - but we usually only get one meal out of it so I was talking to her about making a smaller amount. By the next day it's already getting funky and it just sits in the fridge for weeks until I really resent having to clean it out.

Dave: Is that why they call it "cacamole"?

Me: Obviously.

Dave: What the fuck kind of name is that anyway? Who the fuck came up with that name? It had to be a foreigner.

Me: Obviously.

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