Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Racist Musings Episode I

When driving around Boston Dave not only likes to read aloud every sign he sees he also has to make a comment about every person we pass. His comments about fat people and women are awful but this entry will focus solely on some of his racist comments from recently. Our windows are rolled all the way down during our rides (unless it's raining).


While passing a black surveyor working in Eastie.

Dave: Nice tan, BOY. Oh wait - You're black. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Me: Really!?

Dave: Ha ha ha ha.

Me: Fucking really!? Dude, the guy's a surveyor; at least give him respect because he's a fellow surveyor if anything. 

Dave: Yeah, a token surveyor. We used to have one of those. 


While passing a rather attractive black woman in the Financial District.

Dave: OOOOOOOH, chocolate MAMA!!

Me: *sigh*

Dave: What? She was attractive. And she was black.

Me: Oh, I had no idea. Thanks.

Dave: You're welcome.

While passing some randome black woman.

Dave: Where's the bone?

Me: Huh?

Dave: Where's the bone!?

Me: The bowl's in the ashtray. Did you roll a joint?

Dave: No, her! Look at her! She's missing the bone in her nose.

Me: *gasp*

Dave: There should be one in her hair too.

Me: Like the Flintstones?

Dave: Ha ha ha! I never even thought of that! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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