Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swiney Flu Was An Inside Job

Dave: Fuck! I knew I shouldn't have answered my phone.

Me: Why?

Dave: That was my girlfriend. Her daughter has hay fever wicked bad right, and when it gets bad she spikes a fever.

Me: Okay.

Dave: So at school today she spiked a fever to 101 but an hour later it was only 99. So they send her home because of the Swiney Flu.

Me: Okay.

Dave: My girlfriend was half-way to work when she had to turn around and get her daughter. All because of the fucking Swiney Flu. It's no worse than the regular flu.

Me: Okay.

Dave: They isolated the fucking kid. They kept her in a room by herself. The nurse wouldn't even go in without a mask and gloves. What the fuck is that? This whole fucking Swiney Flu thing isn't real. It's being made up by the media to get everyone in a panic and make money.

Me: The media is not your friend.

Dave: You got that right!

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