Monday, May 25, 2009

Pirates Of The Charles

Several times a day we encounter one of Boston's duck boats that take visitors on a tour of the city. Many days the drivers dress in theme costumes and the drivers were dresseed as pirates on this day.

Dave: Hey, the guy is dressed like a pirate.

Me: The driver?

Dave: Yeah.

Me: Arrrrrgh
Dave: Arrrrgh.

Me: I want to see one of the other duck boats pull along side it and board it.

Dave: Ha, right.

Me: Have the tourists walk the plank.

Dave: We should do that. Put a ladder from the rack of our van to their boat.

Me: We can use our machetes as swords.

Dave: We can rob them; take all of their wallets and make them jump in the Charles River. Then we'll leave them in the water and blow up the boat.

Me: Oh, the places you'll go. 

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