Monday, June 22, 2009

Dave's Weekend In Laconia Part I

Dave: Yeah so me and my buddies throw in $20 each - whoever gets the fattest chick wins the pot.

Me: No shit.

Dave: And my buddy got this big girl whose tits were 200 pounds. He was playing with them and digging his face in them. People were getting pictures. My other buddy got this real hot chick.

Me: Was she a big girl?

Dave: No.

Me: So he wasn't in the pool?

Dave: He was but he didn't care. I got this broad who was about 300 pounds. She was so fucking big.

Me: Did you win?

Dave: I did. The rules were that the woman you were with at 12:30 was your entrant. I won $100. She was so fucking huge! I was dancing with her and I couldn't get my arms around her.

Me: Nice.

Dave: So I paid for breakfast the next morning. It didn't cost me anything.

Me: Right.

Dave: We do that every year. We do a, "who can get the ugliest girl," or, "who can get the oldest broad," or, "who can get a girl with a scar on her face."


  1. Well, I'm glad I bookmarked your blog since I can't get it from your posts anymore. I have no idea how much is true, but it always gives me a laugh! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Susan. It's 99% true. I occasionally have to add some editing to make it readable, and I also combine some related conversations into one conversation but I usually indicate that (I think once or twice I left out the ellipses to indicate time had elapsed).