Thursday, June 11, 2009

American History X

Dave: You know if you see a mattress on the street you should cut it open - there may be money inside of it.

Me: Oh yeah.

Dave: Did you hear about that?

Me: Yeah I saw that on tv last night.

Dave: I think it was in Iran or something.

Me: Israel. It was Israel.

Dave: Whatever. Why would you do that and not put your money in a bank?

Me: Well it was a grandmother so I'm guessing she was really old and lived through the Depression. You know how the banks failed?

Dave: Yeah, but that's just stupid. You know back in the Revolution War people used to keep their money in boxes and hide it in their stone walls. I'm always looking for those whenever I find an old stone wall or foundation.

Me: No shit.

Dave: Yeah and one time I found a metal box that I thought had paper money in it. I shook it up and figured there was $60,000 in there. All it was was a stack of letters from the mistress of one of the town's founders for like forty years. It was from the 1850's to like the late 1800's. Is that even worth anything?

Me: Yeah, you should take it on Antique's Roadshow.

Dave: What, and out the town's founding father as a..

Me: Philanderer?

Dave: Yeah. Well I don't have it anyway. I let the guy I was working with keep it because he wanted the box.

Me: That was stupid. What happened to the letters?

Dave: I don't know. What if there was money in that box? How much would that be worth today?

Me: Probably a lot is my guess.

Dave: I don't know, it's not even real money.

Me: How so?

Dave: The people who were fighting in the Revolution War had their own money, Confederate dollars.

Me: You mean Continental dollars?

Dave: No, Confederate. So they hid they're Confederate dollars in the walls so if they won the war they'd still have their money... and their cotton and their slaves.

Me: Okay, what state would you find these Confederate dollar stashes?

Dave: Massachusetts.

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