Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kill More To Make More

We've been working nights on the highway and share work space with state workers doing their jobs including the light bulb changing crew.

Dave: Look at these guys. Imagine doing that every fucking night. Just changing light bulbs.

Me: They get paid really well for it. They also have an incredible pension - well, they used to before the economy went south. When the economy comes back it will be a great pension again.

Dave: It's never coming back.

Me: Why not?

Dave: Because, there's too many people. Someone needs to go the Hitler route again and take out half the population.

Me: What!

Dave: We need a new Hitler to trim the population or we'll never be prosperous again.

Me: Or Randal Flagg.

Dave: Huh?

Me: Okay, why do you think that we need to halve the population?

Dave: Because, there's too many people and not enough jobs. If we take out half of the population there will be plenty of jobs for everyone.

Me: Makes sense.

Dave: And no one cares anymore about having kids so the rest of the world is outpopulating us. When my parents were growing up everyone had five or six kids. When I was having kids you were supposed to have three. Now people will only have one and they wait until they're older to have it. Everyone's too self-absorbed now.

Me: So we have to take them out?

Dave: It's gonna happen. I think it's going to be us making our own poison or disease that does it for us.

Me: Like Aids?

Dave: Worse even. It's going to wipe out the planet. We won't be around to see it but it's gonna happen.

Me: So we won't be around to see the economy recover?

Dave: I don't know.


  1. This is so far my best birthday present! Love the Randall Flagg/huh bit.

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