Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Got A Golden Ticket

TD BankNorth is changing their name to TD Bank and as such, the TD BankNorth Garden (the old Boston Garden, I mean Fleet Center) will be changing its name as well. To publicise the name change they were giving out 19,600 chocolate bars at the arena of which 5 contained golden tickets starting at noon today. Each ticket had an unbelievable prize with the grand prize being two tickets to every event at the Garden for the next two years.

Dave: Hey, did you hear that they're giving away chocolate bars with golden tickets?

Me: Yeah, they were talking about that on the radio but I still have no idea where to go to get one.

Dave: The big prize is free tickets to every show for 2009 and 2010.

Me: I know! That's awesome.

Dave: Every concert there you'd have free tickets.

Me: And Celtics and Bruins games.

Dave: Yeah. I'd sell all of the sports tickets on Ebay.

Me: Be careful with that. They may have a clause or something that you'll lose the tickets if you do that.

Dave: Okay then I'll do it all by cash only.

Me: Alright.

Dave: Oh man, with the luck I've been having this week on scratch tickets I know I'm going to get that golden ticket.

Me: "I've got a golden ticket!"

Dave: Heh, heh, heh.

Me: If I win I'm digging up Grandpa Joe's grave and bringing his corpse to every show.

Dave: You're gross.

Me: *snort*

Dave: Oh I can't wait. I'll take my girlfriend to all of the concerts.

Me: And the kids to the circus. The Ice Capades.

Dave: Oh that's right.

Me: And Monday Night Raw!

Dave: Oh my god! Those are all mine. You and me can go.

Me: Nice! Good looking out.


At 12:00 pm we left the job site in Chucktown to head to the Garden for our golden tickets. It was a very short ride but along the way Dave started yelling out his window to any car near us. I spent the whole ride giggling my ass off.

Dave: Stop following us, you're not getting our golden tickets!

Dave: The candy bars are all gone, go home!

Dave: You think you're gonna get my candy bar!? Fuck you! I'll fuck you up!

Dave: Oh, you think you're going to beat us to the candy bars!? Don't let him beat us to the candy bars!

Dave: Hey fatty, you don't need any chocolate!

As we crossed the bridge from Chucktown to the east end of the Garden we saw a huge crowd of people lining up from around the corner. Dave began yelling at them as we drove past and trying to avoid hitting douchebags that were walking in our lane.

Dave: Oh fuck. Is this the line?

Me: Holy shit! I wasn't expecting this.

Dave: Why the fuck weren't you? There's gotta be 100,000 people here.

Me: I just thought there'd be a few people in costumes handing out candybars.

Dave: The candy bars are all gone go home!

Dave: The candy bars are sold out your loss!

Dave: You guys are wasting your time the candy bars are all gone!

Dave: The line is back up over the bridge give up!

Dave: The line is miles long go home!

Dave: If you get the golden ticket I'm coming for you!

Dave: Hey, just pull over here and I'll cut in line.

Me: Really?

Dave: Yeah, who the fuck's gonna say anything to me? No one says anything to me because they know I'll fuck them up. And if that black dude (security guard) says anything I'll give him a dirty look.

We just maneuvered through the masses and headed back to the job site, giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Dave: Oh man, my girlfriend is going to be so upset. I was so planning on getting her those tickets.

(Editor's note: I totally fucked up. I drove over to the Garden (east end) at 11:30am to use their portapotties and then hang out for candy. Well the portapotties were gone and I had to really go so I turned around and headed back to the job site to use the doorinal. While there I decided to eat lunch and head back at noon. While at the Garden the first time there was no crowd and no indication of the candy bar promotion so I thought nothing of leaving. Had I traveled past the west end of the Garden I may have noticed that that was where the candy bars were happening and where the massive line would begin.)

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