Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dave's Weekend In Laconia Part V

Dave: So this one year I brought this girl with me who was like way younger than me.

Me: Oh yeah?

Dave: Yeah and while we were there she invited me into this public shower place, y'know it's just all concrete and tile and a bunch of shower heads.

Me: Okay.

Dave: So I think she wants me to go in there so she can give me a blowjob..

Me: Obviously.

Dave: So I go in there and she has 6 other girls there with scrub brushes so they can all bathe me.

Me: Dear Penthouse.

Dave: Oh my god it was so incredible.

Me: Some of my buddies I grew up with used to go at least once a week or more down to the casinos and at least one would always win big and when they were done gambling they'd drive up to Cheaters, one of the best flesh bars..

Dave: Flesh what? What?

Me: Strip club. So they'd stop there and stay until they closed and then they'd go to an Asian massage parlor. Before the massage they'd undress you and then shower/bathe you. My buddy used to brag about it after every trip about how great it was to have your privates washed by a stranger, "especially a female."

Dave: Yeah it is.

Me: And for at least a $30 tip they got to have a hand job after the massage or whatever their kink was - price could go up, depending.

Dave: Nice! Well this girl was so fucking um, I guess, alternative. She could go up to any girl and say, "I want to lick your pussy," and every single one would agree to it.

Me: Oh yeah?

Dave: Yeah, she was good. If I saw her today I'd beat her fucking face in the fucking cunt.

Me: ......

Dave: .....

Me: Oooo kaaaay.

Dave: What?

Me: .....

Dave: .....

Me: Okay what the fuck, are you going to tell me why you'll beat her fucking face in?

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